Tips on Purchasing the Best Electric Shaver

With so many options on the market, you might find it difficult to select the best electric shaver for you. There are certain things you can keep in mind, or think about, when purchasing an electric shaver to find one that is the best for you. Here, we will give you a few helpful tips on purchasing the best electric shaver. If you follow these tips on purchasing the best electric shaver, your investment can pay off.

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Remember Your Skin Type

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to keep this in-mind as your shop for an electric shaver. You may want to look for shavers that you can use in the shower. Shaving either right after or even during your shower can help to reduce skin irritation, give you a smoother shave, and keep your skin from seeming irritated right after you have finished shaving. Both men and women may have sensitive skin, and may want to heed this tip, or look for this type of electric shaver when shopping for one that best suits their needs and wants.

Don’t Always Look for a Deal

Cheap electric shavers might seem like a good deal initially. However, keep in mind that this is actually an investment you are making. This investment may be a large one, initially, but, overtime, a great razor can pay for itself with proper upkeep. While many razors that may seem more expensive sell replacement blades and screens that are fairly affordable, those that purchase cheap shavers may find it cheaper to actually buy a whole new shaver. You may also find that cheaper electric shavers irritate the skin more, do not shave as closely, and might even quit working, even with regular maintenance.

Ask Around and Read Reviews

Lastly, you may want to ask others who own electric shavers about their experiences. Or, go online to read reviews from users. Both of these sources of information can give you better insight as to which shavers people prefer, which brands are better, and where you can find the best value. Many larger online retailers offer customer feedback options where people can talk about likes, dislikes, and review the product. Blogs may also feature articles like this. Do not rely solely on testimonials that are given on the manufacture’s website. Instead, be sure to ask many different people who have actually used the product.

Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving is a task that many men perform daily. Even with that being said, it just seems that some men are better at it. Their face may look cleaner, smoother, and even more rejuvenated after a shave than others. How is that possible? Here, we will give you some simple shaving tips for men that will help you to get the best shave of your life. If you follow all of our shaving tips for men you, too, can have a great shave.

Get Ready to Shave

Don’t just dive right in. Start by preparing your face correctly for the shave. Wash your face, and dry it. Add any products, at this point, if you are using them. Then, give you face a massage. This may sound strange, but it can help to keep your skin moisturized, and to give you a closer shave. When using soaps, gels, or creams, it also helps them to warm-up a bit, and protect the skin more as you shave. Preparing to shave can go a long way in preventing razor burn, ingrown hair, and other irritation, as well as prevent you from having that patchy look.

Use the Right Products

Use the right products for you and your skin type, as well as your needs. This does not apply to only shaving creams, gels, or soaps, but also to the shaver or razor you are using. For a quicker, cleaner shave, you may want to consider switching a traditional razor or a disposable for an electric shaver. Electric shavers last longer, are quite simple to maintain, and can give you a much better shave, overall. They are gentler on skin, and give even better results that what you may otherwise be used to from your old blade.

Shave with Your Hair

When we say this, we mean with the grain of your hair. Although you might find it tempting to go against the grain when shaving (because it may seem to give you a closer shave) it can actually irritate your skin pretty badly. This is very true if you have sensitive skin. Shaving against the grain could also make it more likely that you can accidentally cut yourself. If you want to shave against the grain, only do it in particularly hard to shave areas, or only after trying to remove the hair with shaving with the grain, first.

How to Use an Electric Shaver?

Using an electric shaver can save you time in the morning when it comes to personal grooming. This is especially true if you are in a hurry, and carry about both safety and convenience. However, there are a few steps that you always want to follow in order to keep your shaver in good order, shave correctly and better, and to make the whole process easier. Here, we will take a look how to use an electric shaver.  

How to Shave

Before you start shaving, you want to be sure that your shaver is clean and in good working order. Gently clean your face or the area to be shaved with a mild soap, and rinse well, then dry your skin. This gives you a closer, smoother shave, and can prevent you from getting painful ingrown hairs. Talcum powder can also help with this. Start by moving the shaver in a circular motion, and shave slowly, apply just a bit of pressure. After your shave, you may want to rinse your face again, and perhaps even put on a bit of aftershave lotion or gel. All these things can keep your skin in great condition.

Cleaning Your Shaver

It is very important to keep your electric shaver as clean as possible. To do this, use a cleaning brush. Gently remove the screen outfitted on your shaver. Use the brush to remove any hairs that you see left behind on the blade. You may also want to rinse off and dry the screen, as well, before putting it back on. No matter how you clean it, try to do this following each and every use of your shaver. And always follow the directions included with your shaver when you purchased it. Never use the cleaning brush on the screen.

Keeping Your Shaver in Good Working Order

There are other ways to keep your shaver in good working order. Try to replace both the screens and blades at least once, annually. It is also important that you invest in products that will keep your shaver well lubricated. Keeping these parts lubricated means that they will work better, longer, and give you a better shave each and every time. Learning how to use an electric shaver properly, as well as caring for it as needed, will mean that the investment you make in your shaver will pay-off in the long run.

Can Women Use an Electric Shaver?

Can women use an electric shaver? For a long time companies of health and beauty products have asked this very question. You may think that using an electric shaver may not be as efficient as traditional shavers, may not shave as well, and may irritate your skin more. We are here to put some rumors to rest when it comes to women using an electric shaver. This article will answer the question can women use an electric shaver.

Why Not?

can women use electric shaversWhy can’t women use an electric shaver? Many manufactures have responded to this question by producing electric shavers directly targeted toward and even designed for a female audience. In recent years, these shavers have grown in popularity in the market. Women have found they are convenient, easy to use, easy to maintain, and may even be better for more sensitive skin type (especially if you can use them in the shower). For years, women of all walks of life have been using electric shavers to get a smoother, cleaner, and more satisfying shave that may seem to last longer than shaves with traditional shavers.

Use Models for Either Men or Women

Think you can only use electric shavers specifically made for women? Think again! No matter what market the shaver is targeted to, you can use it, as well. Choose from any of the most popular styles for either men or women. There is no real difference in manufacturing when it comes to these shavers, only a difference in marketing, and, oftentimes, packaging and color. Other than that, feel free to use whatever shaver you think is the best value, and what will work best for you. The sky is truly the limit when you look at the entire market of electric shavers.

Where to Find Great Electric Shavers

You can find great electric shavers at any store that carries them. You can also easily find them online, directly from manufacturers, and more. When it comes to both better prices and convenience in ordering and buying, online shopping may be the best bet. This is especially true if you would like to easily compare prices, products, and check out reviews and testimonials of others who have used the products you are considering purchasing. Sometimes, you may be able to find exclusive deals and sales online on popular shavers that physical stores just cannot or do not offer.

What is the Best Electric Shaver Under $100?

You may be wondering what the best electric shaver under $100 is. The answer is that there are actually several. In the range from $50-70 or so, you can find quite a few quality electric shavers that are great for daily use. Here, we have gathered some of these models. We have divided them by name brand, and also hope to give you reasons why some of these razors outperform even those that are very expensive. If you thought you could not afford a great shaver, think again!

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco makes several razors in this price range. The best (and probably the absolute best electric shaver on the market under $100) is most likely their 3-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable razor (model number es8103s). The reason why we think this is the best one is because you can use it in wet and dry environments, or for a wet or dry shave. You do not have to use water, gels, or creams with it to provide a great quick, comfortable shave, even on more sensitive skin. Many customers who have used this shaver in the past love it, and continue to use it for a long time.


Remington also make a wide range of shavers that you can find in this price-range, as well. One of their most accepted and loved models is the MS2-390. This razor features a micro screen, and is rechargeable. However, it is corded, which some people may not like. Despite that, it delivers well on customer satisfaction, as well as a great price, good reviews, and will hold a charge for quite some time. It also seems to produce a very good shave quickly. However, those with sensitive skin may find a hard time using a corded razor.


Panasonic is another trusted name when it comes to answering the question what is the best electric shaver under $100. They deliver in several of their models. However, their best is most likely the ES-LT41-K. This razor can be used wet or dry. It also is rechargeable, not corded, and features a great LCD screen that can help you to keep track of how much battery you have left and more. It even vibrates to make cleaning easier. Best of all, customers really seem to like this razor, and think that, for its price, it is a great buy.